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"Emrich Industries is a leader in the Australian packaging machinery industry, and has retained the services of China Confidential since 2007 for the management of a group of key suppliers in southern China. Sophie, in particular, has proven invaluable with her ability to coordinate technical projects involving suppliers, engineers and clients in multiple locations. As well as checking every shipment,  Sophie and the team focus on driving down prices, tightening lead times and handling the complexities of delivery across Australia. I would advise any business that is serious about realising the cost savings on offer to engage China Confidential".

Steve Richardson, Managing Director, Emrich Industries


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"Due to the ever increasing demand for the Bushman 4x4 portable refrigerator the time had come to make a decision - concentrate on our own domestic market or expand into international markets. As daunting at this seemed we were delighted to find an organisation capable of understanding the product and most importantly having the skills and professionalism to co-ordinate all phases of the project; from production schedules and quality assurance to price and contract negotiations. China Confidential, with Paul from Australia and Evan in China overseeing all aspects of this project, has now made it possible to expand and grow this side of our business which would otherwise have been virtually impossible".

Gary Kottman, Managing Director, Bushman



"We engaged China Confidential to assist us in the search for organizations in China to license and manufacture our technology. Both on the ground in China and back in Australia the skills and talents of Jeremy, Jack, Sophie and the team ensured that the entire search and negotiations went off without a hitch. With the assistance of China Confidential we have signed a major licensee and with assurance of the ongoing support from Jeremy and his team I feel comfortable that we can navigate the risks and realize the significant opportunities offered by the Chinese market".

Wade Lillington, Director, Radial Flux Laboratories



"We first contacted China Confidential through their website. We received a prompt follow up which lead to a meeting where we gave a detailed briefing of our requirements. China Confidential did a lot of research on our behalf and came back with a shortlist of factories suitable for our purposes. They organised samples to be sent to us and negotiated competitive pricing. We subsequently selected a factory with whom have built up an ongoing business relationship. China Confidential has taken both the risk and a large amount of the stress out of dealing with China. Their professionalism is of the highest order and I would recommend their service to anyone seeking to do business in China".

Andy McLeod, Director, Shade Australia



"Australian Cables & Electrical Supplies engaged China Confidential more than five years ago for the sourcing of electrical products from Asia. The China Confidential team quickly grasped our products' technical requirements and industry jargon to enable them to provide us with a superior service in supplier identification and negotiations.

We have completed multiple trips to Asia with the China Confidential team and find their knowledge of Asian business and customs to be of huge benefit. They are also always easily contactable and provide us with a weekly formal report on the progress of their work for us. China Confidential has been a strategic move for our business in the procurement of our products from Asia".

Stephen Allan, Director, ACES


"China Confidential has been an essential member of the Bluekey team from the start. They helped us establish our Chinese manufacturing in record time and we've benefited from having the right factories from the start.

Jeremy has shown that he understands our business and he finds advantage for us at every step. We held an executive workshop in November where Jeremy's input enabled us to redesign our ordering process and avoid many risks that the old model carried. His commitment is total - without direction or warning he recently flew to China to personally supervise a small, low-value production run because he knew it was critical for Bluekey.

Jeremy is not the only performer at China Confidential. Sophie recently resolved a very complex technical issue with a factory and secured a significant discount for us at the same time!

Bluekey would not have the brilliant future it has without our partnership with the team at China Confidential".

David Urquhart, Partner, Bluekey Devices

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