Product Distribution

Local knowledge and on-the-ground presence is vital in establishing distribution networks and with China Confidential, you are always in control.

We identify and qualify appropriate distributors in China for your product, and consult with our China-wide network of experts to coordinate product safety testing and labelling for regulatory compliance, efficient warehousing and delivery solutions, and a range of marketing support services as required.

Please contact your nearest office and let us know how we can assist. Call us in Sydney on +61 2 9375 2450, London on +44 207 562 8329, Johannesburg +27 11 258 8918 or Shanghai on +86 21 3120 3022.

Control & Access – Direct control of Chinese supply chain and access through guided distributor visits and face-to-face meetings;

Account Manager – Your single point-of-contact in your home country provides assistance and regular progress reports on exports;

Cross-cultural Cooperation – Experienced bi-lingual teams operate in China and your base to facilitate a smooth process on exporting your goods to China;

Established Partnerships – We work with new and pre-qualified distributors; design, certification and logistics companies to ensure exports arrive on time and on-budget.

Total transparency – Distributors pay you directly. Receive comprehensive guidance on import & export tariffs, Customs regulations, and pricing;

Quality Assurance – Pre-production sampling, production monitoring and full physical inspection by our team prior to goods departing for China;

Global Compliance – All exported goods and components are manufactured to international standards in line with client requirements.

To discuss your distribution strategy or to find out more about our distribution network in China, call us in Sydney on +61 2 9375 2450, London on +44 207 562 8329, Johannesburg +27 11 258 8918 or Shanghai on +86 21 3120 3022.



"Due to the ever increasing demand for the Bushman 4x4 portable refrigerator the time had come to make a decision - concentrate on our own domestic market or expand into international markets.

As daunting at this seemed we were delighted to find an organisation capable of understanding the product and most importantly having the skills and professionalism to co-ordinate all phases of the project; from production schedules and quality assurance to price and contract negotiations.

China Confidential, with Paul from Australia and Evan in China overseeing all aspects of this project, has now made it possible to expand and grow this side of our business which would otherwise have been virtually impossible".

- Gary Kottman, Managing Director, Bushman





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T: +61 2 9375 2450

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so-qI would advise any business that is serious about realising the cost savings on offer to engage China
Steve Richardson, Managing Director, Emrich Industries